Our philosophy: Work with customers to make sure they are getting the best product for their needs, at the best price and are not settling for something less. Frank Jones Trophies started in 1933 as a sideline for a sporting goods store owned by Frank Jones, Sr. The focus was on team equipment and uniforms; trophies were included as a convenience for customers. Today, Frank Jones Trophies, run by Donna Jones, is a separate business in a 3,900-square-foot retail space, just outside of Norristown, PA. The product line has expanded tremendously to include functional items such as plaques, acrylics, pen sets, clocks and much more. In recent years, upgrading and adding equipment has helped the business grow and entice sought-after corporate clients. We do all engraving and assembly in house. We run three computerized engravers and added our second laser engraver in 2007. Our customer base ranges from local to international companies, schools, sports leagues and churches. With a variety of plaques, trophy components and acrylics in stock, we have all the parts that can be put together in different ways, depending on what you are looking for. Plaques, with and without medallions, acrylics and of course, trophies are the mainstays of our business. We are always adding specialty items such as pens, mugs and clocks and we out source for glass and cast bronze projects. Our most unusual award was a chain saw mounted on a board with a personalized engraved plate underneath. A local DJ was leaving a local radio station. His nickname was “Chain saw” and one of his co-workers brought in a real-live chain saw that they wanted mounted. It took some creative thinking to oblige the request. We had to pull the guts out because it was so heavy, but the project was a success and the client left happy. Please feel free to call or email us for a Free Quote or with any questions you may have. 610.275.1617 - FJTrophies@aol.com.